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Knowledge Management Process

Explicit and tacit, both type of knowledge are complementary to each other and both are crucial to knowledge creation. The interaction between the two types of knowledge can also be called as the knowledge conversation. knowledge is created through such interaction among individuals with different types and contents of knowledge

Knowledge creation in organization takes place primarily through the dynamic process of 4 different modes of conversation b/w the two dimensions of knowledge.

1. Socialization:

Tacit knowledge to tacit knowledge conversation takes place when tacit knowledge within one individual is shared by another through training.

2. Combination:

explicit knowledge to explicit conversation takes place when an individual combines discrete pieces of explicit knowledge into a whole new concept.

3. Externalization:

Tacit knowledge to explicit knowledge conversion can be said to take place when an individual is able to articulate the foundations of his/her tacit knowledge.


explicit knowledge to tacit knowledge conversion takes place, when new explicit knowledge is shared throughout the firm and other members begin to use it to broader, extend and reframe their own tacit knowledge.

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