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Online Stock Trading

Online Stock Trading is becoming the most popular way to trade stocks because of computers. No longer do we have to call a broker and pay high commissions to buy or sell a stock. With just a few clicks of the mouse we are in total control of our investments.

How does you start?

  • You will need 3 basic accounts to begin trading with:

1. A bank account to pay for your shares and receive your returns from them
2. A trading account with your broker for transacting.
3. A Demat account in which the non physical version of your shares will be held.

Trading software:

There are two types of trading software.
1. Desktop based software: Like Odin, Dion, NetNet, Now, NestTrader, these are desktop based trading software mostly using by Sub brokers. Client may use these software but have to paid monthly charges but NOW is free for clients.

online trading

Trading software: NOW

2. Web based software: These software do not need to download, you can use these software anywhere at any computer in any browser like internet explorer, Google chrome, safari.

online trading

Web based Trading software

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