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Stock Broker

A stock broker or stockbroker is a regulated professional broker who buys and sells shares and other securities through market makers or Agency Only Firms on behalf of investors. A broker may be employed by a brokerage firm.

Keep in mind when choose a stockbroker:

  • They should be a full service Broker-selling all financial products under one roof.
  • They should be well networked and have presence across the length and breadth of the country.
  • Capable of Fast Order executions through multiple channels. Therefore this will mean faster order executions, which results in saved time and also also greater control of your stock orders:

1. A trading platform of choice
2. Placing your stock orders over the phone
3.Through a Branch Dealing desk
4. Mobile Platform

  • Transparency in dealing
  • They should be able to explain to you what would be best for you in managing your hard earned money.

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